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Real-Time SMS Delivery For SMS Campaign, SMS Marketing, And SMS API Services.

Our Core Services

Bulk SMS Service

Send promotional SMS and transactional SMS to DND and non-DND numbers. Customise your messages with audio, images and get insights for your campaign.

Voice SMS Service

Send your messages with pre-recorded voice notes using our Voice SMS Service. Customise your Voice SMS, add background music and interact better with your audience.

Website Development

Amazing website development services at an affordable price. We develop creative, modern, interactive and 100% responsive website design for an awesome user experience.

Digital Marketing

Complete Digital Marketing solution for your business. Our data-driven strategies for SEO, Social media marketing and PPC have proven to boost ROI of many businesses.

IVR Service

Our IVR Service is an automated solution for in-bound and out-bound calls will help you increase sales and provide 24×7 support to all your valuable customers. 

Missed Call Service

Verify phone numbers, start promotional campaigns and auto reply to your customers with our powerful and reliable web-based API for Missed Call Alert Service.

Bulk SMS Services With Live Delivery Reporting

Our Robust & Easy To Use Bulk SMS Panel Login helps you in sending 5 million Bulk SMS per second, which proudly stands us on the No.1 position in India. We provide you 100% Faster Delivery Rate because of our very high priority all telecom bulk SMS connectivity and tie-up with JIO SMS, Airtel SMS, Idea SMS, Vodafone SMS, BSNL SMS &, etc. We bind to give you all day 24hrs instant service and sales support with smile.




Starting @ ₹900 

(per 3460 SMS)

Promotional SMS

Promotional Sender SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹1690 

(per 10000 SMS)

Bulk Voice Call

Bulk Voice Call Pack 

Starting @ ₹590 

(per 1000 Calls)

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹400 

(per 1000 SMS)

Online Bulk SMS Service

Always be in touch with your right audience with our Easy To Operate Bulk SMS Login Panel to send any information, offers or any acknowledgment in India anytime. Be ready for everything.

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Why Choose Mobonair?

Benefits Of Our Bulk SMS Service

Using Our Bulk SMS Service for Transactional SMS , Promotional SMS, OTP SMS & SMS APIs are never been easier. To Engage your audience and existing customers with your unique Six Character Senderid or Brand Identity with Live sms Delivery Reports.

We are the No.1 Digital Marketing Agency in India. Our Bulk SMS Services Are Completely Optimized And Upgraded In Year 2020 With Our Smart 4G/5G Enabled Bulk SMS Features like Sending an image Url in SMS & Sending video Url on dnd / Non DND Mobile numbers.

Text SMS Credit Count

For Text Messages

1 – 160 character = 1 SMS Credit.

161 – 306 characters = 2 SMS Credits.

307 – 459 character = 3 SMS Credits.

For Regional Messages

1 – 70 characters = 1 SMS Credit.

71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits.

135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.

Why use SMS Marketing?

A survey had been conducted using Bulk SMS Service. People refused by saying “Why they use Bulk Message when they have a phone to call”. The scenario has completely changed. People don’t want to communicate verbally, they want peace of mind. They want communication through text.

Therefore, 45% of Bulk SMS is responded and 98% of SMS are read by people. This is an amazing fact which makes Bulk SMS Marketing to “Prime Marketing Tool of the Century” & We Understand Your Need Of Bulk SMS Services this bind in making us India’s best bulk SMS Service Provider.

Term Bulk SMS refers to the circulation of single or multiple text messages to a large group of audiences. These are often sent by companies or enterprises to increase their sales and profits and also to let the customers know about the latest offers. 

With an increase in the scope of digital media, no one is wishing to spend much on marketing and advertisement. They desire to grow their business but do not want to compromise with time and cost. Keeping at par with this situation Bulk SMS becomes a necessity.

Best Bulk SMS Service in India

Bulk SMS Service precisely refer to the sending of a large number of messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Today bulk SMS messages are included in the application-to-person SMS [A2P SMS] messaging services alongside the sending of single messages (such as one time passwords and delivery notifications), interactive messaging and incoming number services (such as mobile marketing campaigns, voting or information lines).

Nowadays Bulk SMS Services or Bulk SMS Gateway is highly reliable and cost effective medium to promote all kind businesses. Like online election campaign in your Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, targeted locations in India because of their fast delivery on all mobile numbers. Mobonair.in have multiple telecom SMS Gateway routes of Airtel smpp , Vodafone smpp Gateway, Idea smpp Gateway, Jio smpp Gateway, MTNL smpp Gateway, BSNL smpp gateway through which we assure 100% faster delivery rate anywhere in india. Our first priority is to provide you best service and after sales service. We Provide 24X7 Customer Support.

Need Help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about bulk SMS and our services.

‘Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk texting’ refers to companies sending SMS via software platforms like Mobonair to one or more recipients. In the case of transactional or promotional broadcasts, bulk SMS can scale thousands or even millions of recipients. Alternatively, bulk SMS can also mean individual SMS sent to clients during an operation, such as receiving a credit card purchase notification. Both of these operations can be easily conducted from our bulk SMS service platforms as we allow companies to build, plan, deliver and manage SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS is used for product marketing, knowledge exchanges, transactional notices, order notifications, notes, reviews and more by small businesses, multinational businesses, entrepreneurs, educational establishments, non-governmental organisations and various government agencies.

In today’s digital world, with 97 percent open rates (vs 10 percent -30 percent open rates for email and social media platforms) and four times the response rate, Bulk SMS marketing beats all other platforms by far. Bulk SMS can also help increase the rate of client conversion, lead generation, and loyalty by adding actionable references throughout the post.

The Telecom Commercial Contact Consumer Choice Rules, 2010 “was informed by TRAI, which classifies text messages according to the purpose or meaning of the content inside the text messages.” A simple overview is given here:

Promotional SMS Vs Transactional SMS

  • For delivering deals, rewards or coupons to new and current customers, promotional SMS is used. The messages may be accepted or not by the receivers. Transactional SMS, on the other hand, is used to send your registered customers OTPs, informative messages, booking and order alerts. For advertisement, they should not be expected.

  • Only non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers can be delivered promotional SMS, while transactional SMS can be sent to all subscribers, regardless of them being a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) number.

  • Time window to send Promotional SMS is between 9 AM and 9 PM while Transactional SMS can be sent anytime 24×7.

  • Promotional bulk SMS can be provided with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the telecom operator while Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice which can correspond with your brand name.

Our bulk SMS platform and service is free to use and you only pay for the messages you send. You can purchase Mobonair SMS credits online and send both promotional and transactional SMS.

For text message:

1 – 160 character = 1 SMS Credit.
161 – 306 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
307 – 459 character = 3 SMS Credits.

For unicode message:

1 – 70 characters = 1 SMS Credit.
71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.

With its award-winning functionality, direct telecom alliances and robust infrastructure backend, Mobonair lets you maximize ROI, no matter what your business requirements are. Be careful about fake providers, a s they normally come with poor-quality delivery and bogus reports; please look out for any bulk SMS service provider providing insanely low rates. Please contact us at +91-9454111011 for sales enquiries or email us at info@mobonair.in and we’ll get back to you.

Digital marketing, or online marketing, means online promotion of products or services of your brand. This is the mechanism by which one or more types of online businesses increase their sales, generate higher revenue and better ROI.

Many people believe that search engine optimisation alone can help your online marketing to increase sales. Although SEO is crucial, yet it is only one component of the digital marketing strategy of a company. Much more is expected in digital marketing.

The focus in digital marketing is on how clients communicate digitally with brands. The goal is to favourably connect the consumer with the company. This includes the marketing of the brand on social media, the enhancement of the website and the creation of a profile for the online brand.

For the company, digital marketing is important. You will defeat the rivals with proper promotion. A Digital marketing agency does consumer analysis and polls, allowing you to consider what the demand opportunities are. They tend to make your company more prominent so that your company is at the top of the rankings of the search engine.

A successful digital marketing agency ensures that, through pay-per-click sales, the website traffic contributes to more revenue. Digital marketing is way easier relative to conventional marketing. It is much more focused, because through selling to all, you do not have to invest outside the cap. You will contact them directly until you identify your target client.

Digital marketing also presents you with the ability to get direct feedback. With the internet , it is possible to rapidly and more easily involve clients. As a consequence, inputs can be collected easily and client responses can be calculated in real time. This way, you will make improvements in your plan or rapidly invent your product. Digital marketing offers you with the tools to easily judge consumer response and adjust accordingly.

In India, Mobonair is considered to be the best SEO firm. Thanks to our experience, we are among the best SEO agencies in India.

With our experience in SEO, you are quickly identified by clients looking for your services. Mobonair optimises the page and makes it important for search engine users looking for keywords and phrases. In search engine rankings, our team of committed experts guarantees that you get top exposure.

Mobonair allows you to attract more traffic and boost the search results for the website. To build a specific marketing plan for you, we refer to consumer / market analysis. We empower you to achieve your desired business outcomes with online / mobile marketing technologies.

For the following factors, Mobonair has been consistently ranked as the best SEO service provider in India:

We appeal to all major labels as well as independent firms. We support entrepreneurs to catch their target market, raise exposure, grow their impact and even pre-sell their goods.

The first move in creating the brand is to get listed on the first search results list. We guarantee that you edge out the rivals in search engine outcome rankings with the aid of advanced instruments and skills.

By identifying the best keywords, Mobonair helps you refine the content on your website. When searching for keywords specific to the services you provide, we make sure that search engines locate your pages quickly.

A big part of SEO is content readability. Optimizing content makes it more readable on the page, meaning that the customer remains longer. Research indicates that the more a visitor lingers on a platform, the greater the likelihood of a transaction being made by him.

An integral part of SEO is backlinks. At Mobonair, to drive up traffic, we ensure that your website gets adequate backlinks.

Today , customers are surfing and purchasing more than their computers through their mobiles. Both for computers and handheld devices, each website today must be configured. For your platform, Mobonair provides targeted mobile marketing.

In our local SEO approach, be a local favourite. We will list you in the proper online directories and feature you prominently in the optimization of local keywords. Tell the clients who you are precisely, and beat the local rivalry out.

At Mobonair, we provide a host of services for you. To the young blood, SEO may sound overwhelming, but we recommend that remedies are quick and easy to enforce. Our seo services for small scale businesses promise you outcomes in fast time. For small firms, we have our off-page SEO management squad for you. Not only does Mobonair allow you to establish a strong web identity, but also to develop a positive online reputation.

Our SEO technique is a systematic approach including the study of website layout and website content, off-page SEO and off-page factor optimization. We are not interested in corrupt activities, and we are not making promises that we are unable to fulfil.

Follow the below steps to send bulk SMS online using Mobonair:

  • Sign up for a Mobonair account
  • Buy SMS credits
  • Add or upload contacts
  • Create your SMS in English or popular regional languages.
  • Build your campaigns – personalize using our easy template builder, insert short-links, attach files, pdf and more!
  • Schedule the message for later or send it right away.
  • Track real-time delivery reports

You can accept SMS from your customers using a long inbound code (10-digit numbers), short code (5-9 digit numbers), missed call number or dual VMNS.
To set up your SMS address and collect responses, you can buy either dedicated long / short codes or keywords on mutual long / short codes. Receiving messages is free for you and only costs the consumer their regular network fee. In your Mobonair account, all the messages will surface, so just log in and access them at your convenience. You may also opt to forward all inbound messages to you instantly for free via email.