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✔ Get Instant Free SMS Panel
✔ Superfast Delivery
Send SMS On DND & Non-DND
✔ Bulk Voice Call Campaign
✔ Instant Approval of Sender ID
✔ 24 hrs Sales & Service Support
✔ 99 % Server uptime.
✔ Excel Plugin for Processing Faster.
✔ No Setup Fee, No Hidden Cost.
✔ Advance SMS API for Integration.
✔ Real-time Message delivery Report.

Why We Are Selling Bulk SMS Service ?

After the Invention of the mobile phone, a survey had been conducted for using Text messaging. People refused by saying “why they use Text Messaging when they have a phone to call”. The scenario has completely changed. People don’t want to communicate verbally, they want peace of mind. They want communication through text.

Therefore, 45% of SMS are responded and 98% of SMS are read by people. This is an amazing fact which makes Bulk SMS Marketing to “Prime Marketing Tool of the Century” & We Understand Your Need Of Bulk SMS Services this bind in making us India’s Best Bulk SMS Service Provider .

Term bulk SMS refers to the circulation of single or multiple messages to the large group of audience. These are often sent by companies or enterprises to increase their sales and profits and also to let the customers know about the latest offers. With an increase in the scope of digital media, no one is wishing to spend much in marketing and advertisement. They desire to grow their business but do not want to compromise with time and cost. Keeping at par with this situation bulk SMS becomes a necessity.

Our Core Services

Promotional SMS Service

Promotional SMS

Send Promotional SMS on Non-DND Numbers. You can even include audio, video and images in your messages & even track their statistics.

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS

Use Transactional SMS to send your text alert or SMS notifications to DND & Non-DND Mobile Numbers, Our Service is available in all regions of India with fastest Delivery.

SMS Alert

SMS Alert

Schedule & Instantly Send Real-Time SMS Alert notification to notify your customer, guests, students, employees and more.

Bulk Voice Service

Bulk Voice Service

Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile numbers all over India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.

Chat Marketing

Chat Marketing

Use Social Media Apps to power your marketing campaign and target your right audience & maintain your global presence.

Website Design & Development

Website Designing

SEO Backed Web Design. Website Architecture. An easy to navigate, logical page structure that helps your users, and the search engines to find what they are looking for.

Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic search engine visibility.

Social Media Handling

Social Media Handling

Handling your Social Media Presence so that your business is always connected to your audience and help them know about your latest whereabouts.



SMS API Integration for Mobile Application & Web Developers helps to integrate automated Text Alert Services through Get Method, Post Method SMS API Integration.

Why We Are Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India ?

Bulk messages precisely refer to the sending of a large number of messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Today bulk SMS messages are included in the application-to-person SMS messaging services alongside the sending of single messages (such as one time passwords and delivery notifications), interactive messaging and incoming number services (such as mobile marketing campaigns, voting or information lines).

Nowadays Bulk SMS Service or Bulk SMS Gateway is highly reliable and cost effective medium to promote all kind businesses. Like online election campaign in your Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, targeted locations in India because of their fast delivery on all mobile numbers. Mobonair Wireless Pvt. Ltd. have multiple telecom SMS Gateway routes of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, JIO, MTNL, BSNL through which we assure 100%  faster delivery rate anywhere in india. Our first priority is to provide you best service and after sales service.
We Provide 24X7 Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Are Using Transactional SMS In India ?

Transactional SMS is used by Banks, Airlines, Travel Agencies, School, Enterprises, Retailers, Media Outlets and more. Many companies are also using it to promote their products to reach the audience. It is also used in the election campaign.


Lots of people and companies are using bulk SMS service because they have a database of mobile users or customers who want to reach them with an appropriate message. Whether it is Alert, offer, reminder or news, all these companies need an effective way to send these SMS to their customers. It helps their business to generate leads and sales.Bulk SMS service is not restricted by the size of a business or its locality. Almost all companies are using bulk SMS at all level. It is a more reliable, flexible, cost-effective and efficient platform where you can use bulk SMS service in India.

3. Who, When and Why Should use Bulk SMS in India?

Bulk SMS is the sending conveyance of text messages through SMS to a large number of mobile users at a time.Nowadays, the mobile phone is ruling our digital world. Therefore, focused mobile marketing has surely become a central point of marketing strategic planning. Mobile marketing is must need for every business that who wants to keeps a competitive edge on their competitors and keep the advantage in concentrated areas.

4. What are the benefits of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS can be sent at a low per SMS cost to hundreds or thousands of recipients simultaneously. SMS messages are almost always read and, if the content is right, responded to immediately. You can target specific categories and people with higher chances of getting responses.

5. Can I Integrate SMS API into my Web Portal?

Yes, you can integrate SMS API into your web portal. We have a ready-made script for SMS panel.

6. Can I Send Any Birthday/Wishing Message To Our Customers?

Yes, you can send any birthday or wishing message to your customers from our promotional panel.

7. How to use Bulk SMS for Customer Engagement?

There are two types of SMS – Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS Promotional SMS is used for business promotions or any other advertising purposes. As per TRAI rule, promotional SMS can be used only for business/product promotions. Messages cannot be sent on DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled mobile numbers. Message sending time: 9 AM to 9 PM. Transactional SMS is used for any type of transactional notifications. For example, you can send SMS to all your students to alert them for payment due date. After payment, you can send SMS for payment confirmation to their mobiles. You can also send any notifications for examinations and holidays.

8. Is Any Mobile Handset Required For Sending Bulk SMS?

No, a mobile handset is not required for sending bulk SMS. You need only a computer with the internet.

Features of Bulk SMS Service

  • Six Alphabet Sender ID
  • Service Timing – 24 x 7 x 365
  • SMS get deliver to DND numbers as well.
  • Send Message to any Network Operator.
  • Create Template for SMS
  • API Integration Service Available.
  • Instant Delivery and Online Reports.

Text SMS Credit Count

  • For Text Message
    1 – 160 character = One SMS Credit.
    161 – 306 characters = Two SMS Credits.
    307 – 459 character = Three SMS Credits.
  • For Unicode Message
    1 – 70 character = 1 SMS Credit.
    71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
    135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.

What Makes Mobonair Unique ?

  • Instant Approval of Sender ID
  • 24 hrs Sales & Service Support
  • 99 % Server up time.
  • Unlimited validity for Bulk Message.
  • Excel Plugin for Processing Faster.
  • No Setup Fee, No Hidden Cost, No Monthly Rent.
  • Advance SMS API to integrate With HTTP Methods.
  • Real time Message delivery Report.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Send Scheduled SMS.
  • To Send Group SMS .
  • Use Web SMS by importing from Excel.
  • 100% delivery for active mobile numbers.
  • No Documents Required for Activation.
  • WriteText SMS in Tamil, English, Hindi and Regional Languages.
  • Track Your SMS Delivery Report.
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