Bulk Message

Bulk Message : Now A Days , Bulk Messaging Service is commonly used for sending invitation  alerts through bulk message , sending sms reminders , promotional  sms marketing and to inform and communicate between both staff and customers of retail and wholesale business  .

Bulk Messaging Service is a process ,  in which large number of messages are sent to the targeted audience to their respective phone terminal . It is used for promotion of consumer brands and and various other Institutions like companies enterprises, Banks. These can be delivered to different phone terminals for the same purpose using various types of softwares are used that are usually integrated with API and drives  their data from csv and text file. Such purpose can be used for marketing strategies. These services are usually used for reminders, alerts and promotional domains.

There are many benefits of Bulk SMS Messaging

  1. Usually  SMS can be read within 5 minutes on an average which accounts for more than 98%  while on the other hand email is estimated to have reading time of 48 hours on an average which accounts for 20%
  2. Speed and flexibility is the characteristic of bulk SMS messaging residence zero lead time.Campaigns can be launched and the response can be immediately recorded does bulk SMS messaging maintains the fluidity of market.
  3. Bulk SMS encompasses a low investment and high rate of return interest which means low Input and high output other commercial marketing elements like television and newspaper which cost about 1000 rupees for seeking the advice advertisement permission while on the other hand bulk SMS cost for about a few rupees to integrate with thousands of contacts in one click
  4. Now a days bulk SMS are highly targeted. Earlier these sms are randomly distributed but now they seek consent from the customers before sending the SMS which makes the audience to be more targeted. There are few permission that of SMS company must possesses before delivering an SMS. Firstly the customer should be in relationship with you previously and second is and the customer should give their  consent to receive those SMS is from the company.
  5. SMS can be integrated with different marketing campaigns according to the requirement of the market which makes organisation to be more precise about delivering sms. There are generally 160 characters or text which makes the SMS even more precise.
  6. Only one phone number is required to be input by the customer so this is in opt-in and opt out options for the customers they can also unsubscribe the services anytime search mechanism skips the customer more satisfactory.
  7. Mobile phones does not have spam box. SMS does not need to be spammed and such so there is no barriers for the companies unlike emails which are automatically spammed by  Gmail services provider which would surely puts a barrier to their campaign.
  8. In case the mobile subscriber is out of range from the network provided area then the SMS can be delivered within 48 hours of sending which is an additional feature  of bulk sms service.
  9. Large number of customers have been turned from emails to sms  so the organisation adopting the bulk sms service will definitely give a kick start to their objective and winning the battle for the next generation
  10. There is high reliability in bulk SMS messaging service because computer and laptops are not easily accessible from anywhere while the mobile phone can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  11. Bulk SMS messaging is environmental friendly mechanism because it does not require large amount of natural resources exploitation which is good for environment
  12. Last but not least, in remote areas where they are not smartphones the normal phones are used in which obviously the SMS can be easily accessed by the emails and other internet facilities are not accessible to them.

    How it works:
• Log in to your panel dashboard.
• Copy and Paste the numbers or upload numbers from txt or csv file.
• Draft the message contents
• Click on send button or schedule it for future use.

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