How can bulk SMS service help improve a business?

bulk sms services

In a country where more smartphones are being used than toothbrushes, Bulk SMS Services are no doubt any business’s sure shot way to connect with audiences. It is an extremely effective medium to reach out to millions of people at the same time.

According to statistics, a SMS is opened within five minutes of its delivery. And that makes Bulk SMS Servicesa great choice for new product launch information, limited offers, seasonal discounts, appointment reminders and coupon promotions.

There are huge benefits of bulk SMS for SME’s and corporates these days. Out of 100 companies, almost 65 companies are using text messaging for their business communications.

This is era of startup’s. Each startup need a good way of marketing technique as part of getting started with their company operations.

Especially companies related to ecommerce, mobile app, real estate, education would definitely need bulk SMS Services.

Let me tell how many types of bulk SMS Services are available:

  • Transactional SMS: This SMS Service is used to send alerts, notifications, OTP’s only to registered users.

For example, if any user signup’s on your site, by using SMS API, SMS will go to that user automatically.

Also you can send reminders, wishes on special dates and occassions.

  • Promotional SMS : Purely used to send SMS related to offers and other marketing campaigns.

Now, you might be wondering what would be the difference between these two in terms of features. Here you go:

  1. Promotional SMS can only be send to Non-DND numbers, whereas Transactional can send to DND as well as Non-DND.
  2. Promotional SMS Sending time is 9 A.m to 9 P.m, whereas Transactional can be send 24/7.

These are the two major differences between these two routes.

Just think of it, almost any level company these days would got any one requirement out of this. Isn’t it?

If you wish to use promotional SMS, all you need to do is segment your customer database using few simple techniques.

Talk to me if you’d need any help on this or have any requirement of bulk SMS.

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