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PROMTIONAL DND Bulk SMS :: Get Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider In Lucknow Mumbai Delhi Allahabad Varanasi Because  MobonAir Wireless  Only Offers exclusive promotional dnd bulk SMS services that goes a long way in giving you access to technology. This in turn in makes it possible for you to send bulk messages to multiple users at a short notice, without having to face too many hurdles.


Numbers That Have CMOs Says

98% of all text messages are opened versus 22% for email

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt

19% click-through rate for text messages versus 4.3% for email

It’s no wonder businesses from different sectors and categories  are prefer  SMS marketing  now a days . the reason behind is  It’s fast, convenient, and a lot more cost effective. Whether you need to send a single message or thousands, you’ll enjoy greater economies of scale from buying text messages in bulk. And better results too, with more engagement, more conversions, and more ROI.

Mobonair  offers bulk SMS solution with 24 hrs service support all days  for every budget.  To Speak with Our an SMS expert to get help selecting the right program for your business.


Different Use of Promotional DND Bulk SMS Service :

☑ Advertising a Product or Service

☑Broadcasting Information

☑Promotional offers & Discount coupons

☑Health Check-up Reminder

☑ Car Service Reminder

☑Payment and Order Confirmation

☑ Political Promotion Service

☑ DND Bulk SMS Services

☑ Promo DND Bulk SMS Service

☑ Transactional Bulk SMS

☑ School Management sms

☑ Billing Software SMS Api

☑ Bulk SMS Api

☑ Bulk SMS Panel

☑ Stock Market Bulk SMS

☑ Real Estate Service

☑ Property Promotion Service

☑ Saloon Spa SMS

☑ DND Delivery SMS

☑ Bulk SMS Service As API Integration

☑ Two Way Bulk sms

☑ Sending Invitations

Promotional DND Bulk SMS Service :How it works ?

  • Log in to your panel dashboard.
  • Copy and Paste the numbers or upload numbers from txt or csv file.
  • Draft the message contents
  • Click on send button or schedule it for future use.


☎ 09911539003   ☎  9621902769   ☎ 9454111011

We Known For   [ 9911539003 ]

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