You are here, means you are looking for bulk SMS Service in India. Before knowing about us, I want to shift your focus to a few facts

      81% of Mobile Users use SMS for Text Communication.

      90% of the SMS are read within 3 Minutes.

      SMS Open Rate is 99% whereas Email has 22%.

      SMS Response Rate is 19% whereas Email has only 4.2%.

      25% of Users check message box 100 times a day.

      76% of Users check Message Box rather than email Inbox.

      Users convinced with SMS easily rather than email.

      Top Brands always use Bulk SMS Services.

 These advantages make Bulk SMS Sending to a Powerful Tool in India. You can use Bulk SMS Service for …

  1. Transaction SMS & OTPs
  2. Promotional Messages & Branding

Promotional Bulk SMS

Mobonair offer Instant Messaging with instant delivery reports. These messages or SMS are delivered instantly and this is recommended for clients who wants to promote their services and want people to update their customer or get new customers lead etc. through SMS with fastest speed. We have three dedicated gateways for our Reputed clients. With this service SMS are delivered to only to non DND numbers. We do not compromise quality with price and our SMS are delivered instantly. We also help you to send SMS to targeted customer base. We can target customer on basis of their income, age group, gender, location, work profile etc. For more information Call on 9454111011.

Transactional Bulk SMS

We Offer Services like, Transactional & Promotional SMS Provider | All types of Digital Services Which is used for every time critical SMS messages like stock Alerts, Bank transaction alerts, School SMS, critical events, Emergency Situation Alerts about transaction to customer like on signing up on your website, order confirmation, order delivery status and more. We have five dedicated gateway and one Back Up Gateway for our high priority clients. We are leader in high priority SMS service and our customers really appreciate this service. We provide DND open route for these service with option of opt in keyword-based system or template based white list system. We do not require any SECURITY MONEY from our clients. With this service Message or SMS  are delivered to both DND and Non DND numbers along with 6 Character Sender ID.


OTP SMS are ready to use API in Web Application Services.

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