Transactional SMS

We Offer Services like, Transactional & Promotional SMS Provider | All types of Digital Services Which is used for every time critical SMS messages like stock Alerts, Bank transaction alerts, School SMS, critical events, Emergency Situation Alerts about transaction to customer like on signing up on your website, order confirmation, order delivery status and more. We have five dedicated gateway and one Back Up Gateway for our high priority clients. We are leader in high priority SMS service and our customers really appreciate this service. We provide DND open route for these service with option of opt in keyword-based system or template based white list system. We do not require any SECURITY MONEY from our clients. With this service Message or SMS  are delivered to both DND and Non DND numbers along with 6 Character Sender ID.


  1. Single Touch SMS: With single click you are able to send SMS to multiple people at one go. The Message reaches in no time and you can close your computer immediately after sending Message. 
  2. Worldwide Use: SMS can be sent from any computer from anywhere in world, so even if you are travelling you need not to worry.
  3. Create Groups – You can create group of your customer with different names and add contacts to these groups manually or via uploading file.
  4. Excel SMS – Send personalized SMS through excel file like SMS with name, payments update, school result, service due date etc.
  5. One To many – Send one SMS from your phone and broadcast to multiple people whose contact you are managing online.
  6. Schedule SMS – Schedule date and time for SMS and automatically SMS are delivered at desired date and time.
  7. Instant Delivery Reports – Whenever you send SMS you get instant report about whether SMS is received or not.
  8. API – Directly integrate our SMS service with your application, we provide free API. There is much more feature to try for free you need to register, click here to register.
  9. We offer FREE API in http, asp, Java, dot net, php etc. In case you want our technical team to integrate the API on your website we can also do it for you but with a nominal cost. For more information call 9454111011

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SMS to DND Number: Yes
  • Sender ID: Yes
  • Delivery time: Instant!!
  • Delivery Report: Yes!!
  • Network Support: All!!
  • Can I send SMS 24 hrs. Anytime & From Any Where: Yes
  • Failure Rate: 0.5%
  • Any Kind Template Limitation: No
  • Universal API For Website & Mobile App: Yes
  • Delivery Time: Within 2 sec 99% of time